Before Your Orthodontic Treatment Begins
Thank you for choosing us! We take a lot of pride in what we do. We love every one of our patients and providing excellent care is our top priority. We understand that life can be busy, hectic, and full of surprises, but we hope that this experience can be high on your priority list so that treatment can run as smoothly as possible. We are so happy to have your trust and look forward to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted! Today, you will receive lots of information about how to take care of braces/Invisalign/ appliances, but below is important information not pertaining directly to your teeth, but more towards ensuring the best experience possible!
Each appointment is vital and has a specific goal. It is very important that each patient show up on time so that they can be seen on time. If you are late for your appointment, please give us a call to let us know, and understand that we may not have the time to achieve all goals of the appointment and this could delay treatment.

If you must reschedule your appointment, please call us as much ahead of time as possible. We typically schedule patients anywhere from 4-8 weeks out, so when it is necessary to reschedule appointments, we may have to wait four weeks to get you in, and it will have to be during school time.

We try our best to make appointments convenient for you. Please understand that after-school appointments are very popular and we reserve after-school appointments for the routine, short appointments so that we can accommodate as many patients as possible during this time. Longer appointments such as the initial bonding, our reposition appointment, braces removal, and any other appointments that require more time or more attention from Dr. Montgomery will have to be done in the morning or sometimes the early afternoon. Please take note of all early dismissal days as scheduling appointments on these days can help to avoid missing school. We hope you understand!
We require auto-payments for your convenience in paying and so that we can focus on you instead of accounting!

If you are 30+ days behind on payment, we will send you a reminder letter and give you a call. If this happens to be the first visit after starting treatment, we will not be able to progress treatment until the balance is paid.

If you are 60+ days behind on payment, we will send you a letter, and we will not be able to progress treatment. If this happens, please understand that you still must make it to your appointment so that we can check to make sure no harm is done.

We rarely see this, but if you get to 90+ days late on payments, we will be forced to remove the braces, dismiss you as a patient, and discontinue treatment.

It is not uncommon for Dr. Montgomery to finish your treatment well before all monthly payments on the financing agreement are paid off. Please understand that our contracted price remains the same whether treatment is completed early, on time, or late, and regardless of how many appointments it takes (broken bracket/appliance fees may be incurred if breakage is excessive).
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