What Sets Us Apart

Making Madison Smile with High-Quality Patient Care

Our goal at SmartSmile Orthodontics is to provide you with exceptional orthodontic care while maintaining the health of the teeth and gums. We strive to provide excellent patient care that uses the latest orthodontic techniques while working closely with your dentist to ensure the best possible result.

By working closely with your dentist, we can help you achieve your ideal smile. We maintain communication with the dentist throughout your orthodontic treatment to ensure he or she remains informed about your treatment at all times.

It is extremely important that you continue to visit your dentist regularly for routine dental care. We will also refer you to other dental specialists (such as a periodontist, oral surgeon, or endodontist) as needed during your orthodontic treatment. It is essential that you keep these appointments to maintain the highest level of dental care.

SmartSmile Orthodontics offers a variety of options to meet your orthodontic needs. These include clear brackets, metal brackets, Invisalign®, indirect bonding, and Phase I treatment, including growth modification. Your orthodontic treatment will be tailored to your diagnosis and concerns.

Dr. Callaway and our team understand the time associated with office visits so we strive to reduce the number of occasions you have to miss work or school. We also plan our schedule so you should not have to wait when you come to our office. Dr. Callaway’s master’s thesis was on treatment time, treatment quality, and treatment efficiency. I guess you could say he knew all along he wanted to provide the BEST treatment as EFFICIENTLY as possible.

Finally, we want to maintain that beautiful smile for a lifetime! You will be encouraged to wear your retainers for as long as you want your teeth to be straight — forever! We will customize a retention protocol and schedule regular recall visits to monitor your teeth. This is a continuation of your orthodontic therapy.